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Polish parliamentary elections 2023. Conclusions and recommendations from domestic election observers

EPDE member The Political Accountability Foundation published its final conclusions and recommendations from monitoring the 2023 parliamentary elections. The report covers key aspects of the electoral process, including: Priority Recommendations: The report offers several key recommendations that should be implemented in the coming months. Download the conclusions and full set of recommendations below (in English). […]

Political Accountability Foundation

The Political Accountability Foundation is a Polish NGO established in 2016 whose aim is to promote domestic observation across Polish society, increase the transparency of public life, improve citizens’ knowledge about the electoral process and their rights in this context.  The Foundation fosters its goals by organising election observation missions in Poland and video-observation missions […]

Stefan Batory Foundation

The Stefan Batory Foundation is an independent private Polish foundation established in 1988 by George Soros, an American financier and philanthropist, and a group of Polish democratic opposition leaders of 1980s. The mission of the Batory Foundation is to build an open, democratic society – a society of people aware of their rights and responsibilities, […]

“Overall efficient conduct of elections amidst an uneven playing field” – Preliminary report by Polish citizen election observers on Sunday’s elections

EPDE member Political Accountability Foundation (PAF) presented their findings and recommendations after observing the voting day of the parliamentary elections and the national referendum in Poland. Executive Summary The parliamentary elections held in conjunction with the national referendum can be assessed as exceptional in terms of voter turnout at 74.38%, a sign of remarkable voter […]

Parliamentary elections and referendum 2023 – preliminary report

EPDE Member the Political Accountability Foundation (PAF) published a short translation of their preliminary election and referendum report. It encompasses a summary of their observation both during the election campaigns as well as voting day itself. In the report, PAF recommends to improve and standardise the training system for members of electoral commissions, introduce mechanisms […]

Statement: Urgent call for immediate accreditation of international observers for the Polish parliamentary elections

The parliamentary elections are less than two days away. Already 120 international observers – representatives of prominent civil society organizations from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, and Italy have arrived in Warsaw, who have been preparing for months to observe the election day conduct. However, none of these organizations have yet received accreditation from […]

The upcoming 2023 referendum and parliamentary elections in Poland: key concerns about the “double celebration” democracy day

The recently published Policy Alert voices concern about the decision of the Polish government to hold a national referendum alongside the elections for Sejm and Senat, citing the short time for public debate, the wording of questions of the referendum, its binding effect, campaign finance regulations, and general organizational issues. The authors propose several recommendations […]

Invitation to online briefings ahead of the parliamentary elections on 15 October

Ahead of the parliamentary elections in Poland on 15 October, the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) together with their Polish member the Political Accountability Foundation will hold two online briefings. The briefings are targeted at interested experts, researchers, policymakers, and journalists who wish to learn more about the electoral process and the political landscape […]

Report: Political Online Campaigns in Central Europe

EPDE’s Polish member Political Accountability Foundation published a report on transparency and targeting of political advertising in Central Europe. They identified good and bad practices, analyzed legal frameworks, and suggested ways of improving them. The report finds that the Central European region has quite heterogeneous rules for political advertising, and none of the countries has […]

Political Online Campaigns in Central Europe

EPDE member Political Accountability Foundation along with Transparency International Slovakia, Political Accountability Foundation Poland, Whom to vote Czechia and K-Monitor Public Benefit Association Hungary published a report on the regulation of political online advertising in the Central Europe region.

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