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Expert Forum (EFOR)

Tel.: +40 21 211 7400

EFOR is a Bucharest based think tank, set up by four well-known experts in public policy and public governance reform. The main sectors covered by the organization are: administration reform and public sector integrity; decentralization, regional development, public finance; justice and anticorruption reform; social policy and pensions; energy and transport; healthcare: active citizenship and elections.


+421 903 581 591

Memo 98 is a specialist media monitoring organization, with extensive experience of delivery media analyses on behalf of international institutions as well as technical assistance, both to official institutions and civil society groups.

It was launched with support from the US-based National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) in June 1998 to monitor the Slovak media prior to the 1998 parliamentary elections, using a methodology of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Given the success of the project, it was transformed into an organization – MEMO 98 – which not only became one of the most respected civic organizations in Slovakia but one of the leading international organization in the field of media and elections.


Since 2018, the EPDE has been listed as an “undesirable organisation” by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office. This forced the Russian unregistered movement “Golos” , the largest country-wide network of citizen election monitors, to freeze its membership of the EPDE platform. This restriction forced EPDE to halt its cooperation with Russian election observers. However, EPDE continues to issue reports on the conduct of elections in Russia and closey follows developments in the country. We stand in solidarity with Russian citizen observers facing politically motivated prosecution for fighting for a free and democratic Russia.

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