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Polish parliamentary elections 2023. Conclusions and recommendations from domestic election observers

EPDE member The Political Accountability Foundation published its final conclusions and recommendations from monitoring the 2023 parliamentary elections.

The report covers key aspects of the electoral process, including:

  • Legal environment and the impact of early 2023 electoral law changes
  • Election campaign dynamics, particularly the misuse of public resources and political advertising on social media
  • Voting day procedures and preparations

Priority Recommendations:

The report offers several key recommendations that should be implemented in the coming months.

  • Avoid legislative changes to electoral law within six months of elections, as required by the Constitutional Tribunal.
  • Implement automatic seat distribution corrections for Sejm elections, with the National Electoral Commission announcing seat allocations before each election.
  • Abolish the 24-hour limit on voting result transmissions by precinct commissions abroad.
  • Reduce the maximum number of inhabitants per permanent voting district from 4000 to 3000.
  • Develop an electronic certificate standard for trustees and social observers in collaboration with political parties and NGOs.
  • Mandate comprehensive training for all electoral commission members, regardless of their role.
  • Digitize the submission process for election committee financial statements and attached documents.

Download the conclusions and full set of recommendations below (in English). For the entire report (in Polish), follow this link.

(June 3, 2024)

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