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EPDE conducts election observation of the upcoming Presidential elections in Ukraine

(May 3, 2014)



Dear EPDE Members and Declaration of Global Principles Endorsers,


European Platform for Democratic Elections is coordinating observation for voting in the upcoming Ukrainian presidential election and invites EDPE members and all Declaration of Global Principles endorsers to participate in this election observation.  


The aim of the EPDE is to assist citizens’ election observation in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and in the Russian Federation, and to contribute to democratic election processes throughout Europe.


According to its aim, last year EPDE carried out expert missions to observe Presidential election in Armenia, United Day of Voting in Russia, Norwegian Parliamentary Election, Bundestag elections in Germany, Presidential Elections in Georgia, and informational support for citizen observation on Azerbaijan Presidential Election.


For registration see HERE



First round of the Ukrainian Presidential elections will be held on 25 May 2014. They were originally scheduled to take place on 29 March 2015, but were brought forward following the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. The second round, if necessary, is to be held on 15th of June 2014.



Given high public interest to the election and extreme importance of this democratic procedure to restore legitimacy of official authority in post-revolutionary environment, EPDE decided to accompany its ordinary expert mission with international mission of short-term observers invited from interested organizations and groups.


The short-term observers (STOs) will be deployed in all 25 regions of Ukraine. In accordance with its aim, EPDE mission will pay special attention for assistance, cooperation and support of local citizen observation efforts.


EPDE would secure accreditation for participants of the mission from the Central Election Commission of Ukraine which would provide the legal right to conduct observation. EPDE would also provide training for observers, as well as a manual and forms for Election Day.


Official languages of the mission will be Russian and English, period of STO deployment – from 22nd to 27th of May.


Depending on received funding, EPDE would provide interpreter services and transportation during E-day, transportation to/from deployment region, lodgings in deployment region, cover cost of tickets to/from Ukraine, and so on. Although, given sacristy of resources, EPDE might provide limited coverage and reimbursement.


Information from STOs will be collected and processed by the team of experts.


Finally, the mission will held a press-conference and publish a preliminary and final reports to share its findings and recommendations.


Invitation to EPDE Members and All Declaration of Global Principles Endorsers

EPDE invites its members and Declaration endorsers to contribute to their election observation efforts for the 2014 Ukrainian presidential elections by recommending EPDE their activists to take part in the mission. Any group of participants with their financial and organizational resources will be welcome.


EPDE would greatly appreciate if its members and Declaration endorsers could cooperate in this effort. For any practical details on participation, please contact the EPDE:


Invitation to Donors and Supporters

EPDE invites any organizations and institutions interested in free and fair elections in general, and in Ukrainian presidential elections 2014 in particular to provide financial, informational and other support for this endeavour.


If you want to grant any type of support, please, contact the EPDE secretariat:

Stefanie Schiffer

EPDE Coordinator

Europäischer Austausch gGmbH

Erkelenzdamm 59

10999 Berlin

Tel. +49 30 616 71 464 – 0

Fax: +49 30 616 71 464 – 3



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