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Civil Network “OPORA”

OPORA is one of the leading non-governmental and non-partisan All-Ukrainian organizations for public oversight and advocacy in the field of elections, parliamentarism, education, joint ownership, energy efficiency, local self-government, as well as the comprehensive implementation of the principle of open data. It strives for sustainable development of society, irreversible changes that can be ensured through […]

Committee of Voters of Ukraine

CVU aims to promote democratic changes in the country, including through independent non-governmental monitoring of election and referendum processes, both at the national and local levels, as well as public lobbying of the relevant legislative changes. CVU was founded in February 20, 1994 as an independent non-partisan organization with national status. Since then, it has […]

Swedish International Liberal Centre

SILC is a liberal foundation that assists democracy development. The goal of SILC is to strengthen organizations and support individuals who develop and promote democracy and human rights. SILC primarily works with political parties and youth, women’s and human rights’ organizations, as well as independent journalists. The bulk of its work occurs in totalitarian and […]

Political Accountability Foundation

The Political Accountability Foundation is a Polish NGO established in 2016 whose aim is to promote domestic observation across Polish society, increase the transparency of public life, improve citizens’ knowledge about the electoral process and their rights in this context.  The Foundation fosters its goals by organising election observation missions in Poland and video-observation missions […]

Stefan Batory Foundation

The Stefan Batory Foundation is an independent private Polish foundation established in 1988 by George Soros, an American financier and philanthropist, and a group of Polish democratic opposition leaders of 1980s. The mission of the Batory Foundation is to build an open, democratic society – a society of people aware of their rights and responsibilities, […]

Norwegian Helsinki Committee – NHC

NHC was established in 1977. It is an independent human rights organization, which promotes respect for human rights both in Norway and internationally with a particular focus on the OSCE participating states. Its work is achieved through monitoring and reporting, project cooperation, human rights education and observation of elections.

Promo-LEX Association

Promo–LEX is a non–governmental organization that aims to advance democracy in the Republic of Moldova, including in the Transnistrian region, by promoting and defending human rights, monitoring the democratic processes, and strengthening civil society. Key areas of activity and expertise are implemented via two programs: Monitoring Human Rights and Democratic Processes. The latter program aims […]

Unhack Democracy

Unhack Democracy is a pro-democracy NGO and election watchdog that works to support electoral integrity in Europe. It was founded in 2018 following the Hungarian parliamentary elections, special area of focus is therefore also on Hungary. Comprised of a diverse team of data analysts, political scientists, journalists, artists and academics, it aims to empower citizens […]

European Exchange – Europäischer Austausch gGmbH

The European Exchange was founded in Berlin in 2005 and has since been committed to the democratic development of Europe and its neighbourhood. The main activities of the European Exchange are strengthening civil society and controlling state action. With a special focus on Eastern Europe and Ukraine, we are committed to the long-term networking of […]

International Society for Fair Election and Democracy

ISFED is an indipendent non-for-profit non-governmental organization with one of the broadest regional networks in Georgia. It was established in 1995 for the purpose of carrying out citizen monitoring on elections and related political processes. Throughout these years, ISFED has made an important contribution to the improvement of the Election Code as well as electoral […]

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