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Ukrainian authorities’ legitimacy when elections are impossible: Part II

In the wake of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the political system has fronted ‘militant democracy,’ compelling authorities to protect Ukraine’s democratic regime and strengthen its defenses. While Part I of the Ukraine Policy Alert “Ukrainian authorities’ legitimacy when elections are impossible” examined the limitations imposed by a full-scale war on the […]

Ukrainian authorities’ legitimacy when elections are impossible: Part I

The new normal that Ukraine has been forced into after Russia’s full-scale invasion on the 24th of February 2022 raises questions for the Ukrainian government, politicians, experts, and society about whether democratic elections are possible in Ukraine while the active phase of the war is ongoing. This also raises questions about the legitimacy of Ukrainian […]

“Putin’s elections”: how the Kremlin organizes a high turnout of “voters” in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories

By Dmytro Bashtovyi, analyst of the Civil Network “OPORA” Why, in the conditions of hostilities, the involvement of the local population in pseudo-election processes can be qualified as a war crime On March 15-17, presidential “elections” are held in Russia. “Balloting” has been going on for three weeks in the occupied territories of Ukraine. The […]

Civil Network “OPORA”

OPORA is one of the leading non-governmental and non-partisan All-Ukrainian organizations for public oversight and advocacy in the field of elections, parliamentarism, education, joint ownership, energy efficiency, local self-government, as well as the comprehensive implementation of the principle of open data. It strives for sustainable development of society, irreversible changes that can be ensured through […]

Committee of Voters of Ukraine

CVU aims to promote democratic changes in the country, including through independent non-governmental monitoring of election and referendum processes, both at the national and local levels, as well as public lobbying of the relevant legislative changes. CVU was founded in February 20, 1994 as an independent non-partisan organization with national status. Since then, it has […]

Civil Network OPORA and IFES present a roadmap for electoral reform in Ukraine

While Russia’s all-out war of aggression continues and martial law is in force, holding elections in Ukraine is not allowed by its legislation and presently unfeasible. However, though elections are on hold, electoral reform should advance as soon as possible. Considering the scale of the challenges for Ukraine’s next elections, the Verkhovna Rada and other […]

Statement: Ukrainian Civil Society is Against Holding Elections During War

Elections and full-scale war are incompatible. Holding elections during a full-scale war is extremely dangerous. It can lead to the loss of legitimacy for both the electoral process and elected bodies, potentially undermining the state as a whole. During a full-scale war, a state cannot guarantee an environment where electoral process participants can freely and […]

How Russia prepares for pseudo-elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Russia plans to hold so-called “elections” to the “legislative bodies” (in other words, occupation governments) in the occupied areas of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts as well as in 79 municipal districts this coming fall. The Kremlin’s decision-makers seek to legalize the annexation of Ukrainian territory with the help of so-called “elections”, so they […]

Challenges of pre-election campaigning in the first post-war elections

Enabling Ukrainian immigrants to vote abroad is a significant concern in post-war elections. There are 8.5 million forcibly displaced Ukrainians registered in European countries, with more living abroad. Facilitating the election process abroad poses challenges, such as maintaining accurate voter lists and limited campaigning methods. Messaging apps and social media are crucial for reaching Ukrainians […]

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