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URGENT: operative information about the work of election commissions in the Donetsk region at 9:00

(May 25, 2014)


Donetsл, 25th May, 2014

Observers of joint monitoring campaign DRO “Committee of Voters of Ukraine” and network OPORA in Donetsk reporting that on 9:00 15 District Election Commissions didn’t work:

№№ 41 ,42, 43, 44, 45 — Donetsk;

№№ 51, 52 — Gorlivka;

№ 53 — Yenakiyeve;

№ 54 — Torez;

№ 55 — Shahtarsk;

№ 46 — Artemivsk. Part of election commissions in the district was opened, but working without ballots.

№ 48 — Kramatorsk;

№ 56, 57 — Makyivka;

№ 60 — Maryinka. District commission doesn’t work, but some polling stations are opened.


Only in 7 districts of Donetsk region pooling stations are opened and trying to organize voting process:

№ 47 — Alexandrovka. Only 19 polling stations are opened. In 2 commissions Chairman and Secretary resigned, but the commission decided to work;

№ 49 — Dobropillya. Only 8 pooling stations did not open in the town, 1  pooling station didn’t open in the district;

№ 50 — Krasnoarmiysk. In Krasnoarmiysk from 55 polling stations 6 didn’t open.

№ 58 — Mariupol. Only 4 polling stations did not open;

№ 59 — Mariupol. 91 polling stations opened, 8 pooling station did not;

№ 61 — Dokuchayevsk. Some polling stations opened in the district, but in the morning several stations (№ 140 803, № 140 800, № 140 792) were seized by the DNR;

№ 62 — Starobeshevo. In the district polling stations only receive ballots. Into polling station № 140 472 at 5 am came DNR representatives and forbade working members of the PEC. In many premises of PSC Amvrosievka unknown broke the windows.


About Public Election Observation

Public Observation of network OPORA and DRO “Committee of Voters of Ukraine” is aimed to provide objective assessment of the preparation and conducting of elections and prevent violations of the electoral legislation through effectively organized public control.

Since March 2014, Network OPORA conducted a major monitoring campaign of early elections of the President of Ukraine, as well as parliamentary (83 district) and early local elections. The organization works with 175 long-term observers observing the progress of the campaign in all regions of the country. On Election Day, May 25, more 3000 activists join them for observation and statistic counting. In the Donetsk region public observation of the presidential election provides by regional NGO “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”.


Contact information:

Oleksandr Ivanov

Press-secretary  DRO «Committee of voters of Ukraine»

(050) 569-23-05; (062) 337-63-16

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