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Statement of Solidarity with Imran Aliyev

(April 22, 2024)


EPDE stands in solidarity with our colleague, election observer and human rights defender Imran Aliyev, who was unjustly arrested at Baku International Airport on April 18.

Imran Aliyev, a prominent figure in Azerbaijan’s civil society, was subjected to brutal violence and coercion after his arrest. He was beaten, given electric shocks, and forced to sign documents against his will.

His detention, allegedly linked to the so called „Abzas Media case“ exemplifies the deteriorating state of political freedoms in Azerbaijan. “Abzas case” refers to alleged illegal receipt of grants from foreign donors – an allegation often used to persecute independent media and activists. In a video statement, Aliyev stated that he feared for his safety: “After I saw an article on Qafqazinfo [on accusations against Abzas journalists], I decided to leave the country for my own safety and bought a ticket to Istanbul. But I was detained.”

This incident is not isolated but rather part of a disturbing pattern of political repression in Azerbaijan, as highlighted by the EPDE member the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS). The Azerbaijani authorities’ relentless assault on freedom of expression and political pluralism must be condemned.

EPDE joins EMDS’s call upon the international institutions and donor states to demand the immediate release Imran Aliyev and other unjustly arrested journalists.  International democratic community has to undertake immediate action to prevent growing political repressions in Azerbaijan. We demand strong measures to safeguard freedom of expression and ensure the protection of human rights defenders like Imran Aliyev.

Read more about the case here.

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