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Promo-LEX: E-Day Report

(November 5, 2019)


Photo: Promo-LEX


The observation mission on Election Day of the first round of the General Local elections and by-elections of the 20th October reported that in general the opening of polling stations (PS) went smoothly on E-day. 407 incidents have been analysed by Promo-LEX, most frequently reported incidents, but not significantly numerous, were: deficiencies in voters’ lists, unjustified presence of unauthorized persons in or around the PS, presence of advertising materials within 100 m of the PS, interrupted filming during the opening of the PS and vote counting process. In general the parallel vote count did not find major discrepancies to the data provided by the CEC and the share of erroneous protocols completed by precinct election bureaus has decreased compared to the Parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019.

Opening and closing of polling stations (PS). All PSs monitored by observers were declared open. A polling station was opened with about 45-minute delay. About 57% of the PSs have been rated by observers as accessible. Only 24% of the PSs have been ensured with heating on the election day.

All the polling stations subjected to monitoring closed regularly, without significant deviations. About 26% of the PEBs ignored the rule that stipulates that one member of the bureau is to display the ballots to all the participants in the counting process. In about 5% of PSs, video cameras did not record the process of ballot counting.

Incidents found on the election day. The final processing of the information reported by the STOs delegated to the PSs and the LTOs working in mobile teams resulted in the analysis of 407 incidents.

The Promo-LEX OM draws the reader’s attention to at least two cases of intimidation and seven cases of obstruction of observers’ activity. Also, in at least nine PSs (1%) and two DECs, observers of the Mission encountered difficulties in obtaining the protocols of vote counting. We qualify these deviations from the legal norm as incidents that affect the legitimacy of elections and transparency of the vote counting process, which consequently undermine the public confidence in the elections and their results.

In quantitative terms, the most frequently reported incidents were: deficiencies in voters’ lists (61), unjustified presence of unauthorized persons in the PS and in the precinct of the PS (46); presence of advertising materials, posters, electoral displays within 100 m of the PS (38); interrupted filming during the opening of the PS and vote counting process (34).

The Promo-LEX OM also warns about incidents related to: electoral campaigning on the election day (25) and rumors, attempts or even cases of material or monetary rewards offered to voters (8).

Final results of the Promo-LEX vote counting. The Promo-LEX OM analyzed the correctness of completing 755 vote counting protocols in mayoral elections in the 757 PSs observed, in two cases, it was impossible to obtain the protocols from electoral bodies. The OM identified 24 protocols filled out with 52 errors identified based on verification formulas. We emphasize the large number of protocols with errors in the formula H = G1 + G2 + G3 + G4 + Gn.

The results of parallel vote counting in the mayoral elections held in the municipality of Balti, Chisinau and Comrat did not reveal major differences between the preliminary data offered by the CEC and the final data of Promo-LEX.

Read the full report here

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