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New tool to help understand and track the use of public money in Romania

(September 8, 2022)


Bucharest based Expert Forum recently presented its interactive guide “Public Money Detector” during an online event (in Romanian). The integrity of public procurement is not only a matter of how public money is spent, but can also put people’s lives in danger, as demonstrated by the case of a bridge collapsing due to its poor construction.
The guide not only outlines the issue of procurement and public money, but also explains the available tools for journalists and citizens to put pressure on public institutions to fight corruption and clientelism as well as to bring the issue to the public agenda.

Expert Forum furthermore presented their #baniipartidelor campaign. Through a series of infographics, it shows how political parties and electoral campaigns in Romania are financed.


All materials were prepared as part of the project “European voters – together for electoral integrity” and funded by the European Union as part of the Europe for Citizens (EfC) programme.

Project partners:

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