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ISFED (Georgia): Sixth Interim Report on Pre-Election Monitoring

(October 30, 2013)


ISFED found that various political parties and candidates held 377 public meetings from October 7 through October 24, 2013. Notably, the number of meetings was significantly increased as the Elections Day approached and in this respect the pre-election campaign became particularly active.

Observers reported two acts of political pressure and threats against member of Sakrebulo in Tskaltubo from the United National Movement and one of the supporters of the United National Movement.

Observers also reported three acts of physical assault on political grounds against members of the UNM and the coalition Georgian Dream, as well as three activists of the United Georgia – Democratic Movement; election campaign posters were intentionally damaged in three instances; In particular, Davit Bakradze’s posters were torn down in Batumi, village of Bakurtsikhe in Gurjaani District and Lanchkhuti.

Abuse of administrative resources was reported at Giorgi Margvelashvili’s pre-election meeting in Poti attended by municipal officials during working hours, as well as in Shuakhevi where majoritarian MP of Batumi was agitating in favor of the coalition Georgian Dream’s candidate during an event funded by the municipality budget.

Pre-election campaign was conducted in violation of applicable regulations by the coalition Georgian Dream’s candidate in Batumi and Poti.

Despite the recommendation adopted by the Inter-Agency Task Force, attempts of staff changes in self-government authorities continued. In particular, during the reporting period members of Keda Sakrebulo attempted to dismiss Deputy Chairperson of Sakrebulo and a member of the UNM, Jemal Sharadze.


The full report is available here: PDF (EN)  |  PDF (GE)

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