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ISFED Election Day Final PVT Results

(December 3, 2018)



Election Day Final PVT Results

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) was monitoring the second round of the 2018 Presidential Elections in all electoral districts around Georgia. ISFED Observation Mission consisted of 651 short-term observers (STO) at polling stations, 73 observers deployed at district electoral commissions and 78 mobile teams. ISFED observers were also present at 12 polling stations abroad. PVT and Incident Centers were operating in the central office staffed with 15 operators and 10 lawyers.

ISFED observation of the second round of Presidential Elections was based on the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology, which enables us to timely detect violations, systematically evaluate the entire Election Day process and verify the accuracy of the official election results.

Key Conclusions

Based on the observation, ISFED can conclude that the tabulation of votes was mostly conducted in compliance with relevant electoral procedures. Similarly to the voting process, number of violations were reported during counting of votes, such as, improper filling of summary protocols and other procedural shortcomings. Incidents of violence were identified in Marneuli and Lagodekhi after closing of polling stations.

ISFED filed 53 complaints with Precinct Electoral Commissions (PECs) and 76 complaints with District Electoral Commissions (DECs).

PVT Findings

According to ISFED PVT data received from observers, voter turnout across the country was 56.2%, (with a margin of error of +/-0.7%), which is significantly higher than the voter turnout during the first round of elections – 46.6%.

Based on the information received about the Election Day process, ISFED is confident in its PVT results. ISFED received information from 99.9% of its observers deployed at random representative sample of polling. Below are the results of the presidential candidates. For each result the margin of error is +/-0.8% and is calculated at 95% confidence interval.

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