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Free Anar Mammadli ! Chronicle of the arrest

(April 1, 2014)



On December 16th Anar Mammadli, chairman of EMDS, Baku, and board member of EPDE has been imprisoned for a three months pre-trial detention. Anar Mammadli risks up to five years of imprisonment if convicted. This is an attempt to destroy independent and critical election observation in Azerbaijan one year ahead of the Parliamentary elections and a reaction to EMDS’ critical assessment of the Presidential elections in October 2013. Anar Mammadli has to be released immediately!


Chronicle of the arrest


29 Januar 2014


PACE members demand liberation of Anar Mammadli. See Written declaration initiated by Swedish PACE member Tina Acketoft (ALDE): Free Azerbajan’s Human Rights Defender and Election Observer Anar Mammadli


16 January 2014


Statement of Azebaijani President Ilham Aliyev at NATO press conference 15 January 2013 in Brussels, that no political prisoners exist in his country.


14 January 2014


Petition calling for the release of Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center Chairman Anar Mammadli.


6 January 2014


International Human Rights Protection Association


24 December 2013


Statement of representatives of Azerbaijan’s civil society.

23 December 2013


Amnesty International Public Statement (Freedom of expression, NGOs and Civil Society, Anar Mammadli’s case)


20 December 2013


PACE repporteurs concerned about pre-trial detention of Anar Mammadli (full report available here)

US ambassador to OSCE calls to release Anar Mammadli immediately

EU HR Ashton and Commissioner Füle: Statement on the detention of Mr Anar Mammadli, chairman of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Centre in Azerbaijan

Civil society organisations of Azerbaijan: Joint Statemetnt of the Civil Societ of Azerbaijan

Head of Norwegian OSCE/PA delegation is concerned over the arrest of Anar Mammadli and fears it is politically motivated


19 December 2013

Canadas Honourable Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and for International Human Rights: Canada Concerned About Detention of Election Monitoring NGO Chairman in Azerbaijan


18 December 2013


European Parliament:

Open letter to Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Deomratic Institutions and Human Rights Social Union: The government started to arrest active members of civil society in Azerbaijan

Amnesty International: Detained election watchdog chief must get fair trial

OSCE PA: OSCE Parliamentary leaders disturbed by arrest of Azerbaijani election monitor

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum: Statement on arrest of Anar Mammadli

ENEMO: Letter of support to ENEMO member in Azerbaijan

Marieluise Beck (German Bundestag, Greens): Free immediately prominent human rights defender (DE)

Christopher Staesser (German Bundestag, Social-Democrats): Statement on detention of Anar Maammadli (DE)

US Embassy in Baku: Ambassador Morningstar’s Statement on Detention of Anar Mammadli (source:



NYT: Arrest of dissident overshadows UK-backed Azeri pipeline deal

Deutschlandradio: Azerbaijan: Kritik ist nicht erwünscht

Frontline Defenders: Human rights defender Mr Anar Mammadli in pre-trial detention for criminal charges


17 December 2013

Human Rights House: Head of independent election monitoring group must be released

Norwegian Helsinki Committee: NHC protests against arrest of independent election observer Anar Mammadli in Baku

OSCE/ODIHR expresses concern about the arrest of Mammadli

EPDE issues statement protesting the arrest of Mammadl



Contact (AZ): It turnes out that Anar Mamedli rigged elections (last access: 18.12.13)


16 December 2013

Anar Mammadli imprisoned for a three months pre-trial detention through the Nasimin District Court in Baku. He faces criminal charges on tax evasion in significant amount, excess of official powers and engaging in illegal business activities and risks up to five years of prison.

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