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Findings of the Promo-LEX Observation Mission on the Second Round of New Local Elections of November 21

(December 7, 2021)



The second round of local elections in Moldova took place this Sunday, 5 December, except in Balti constituency where the CEC decided to not hold second round elections after a candidate’s registration was annulled, which left only one candidate in the race. In the other five constituencies, the voting was organized efficiently and was carried out smoothly.

Promo-LEX Observation Mission (OM) presents its main findings with regard to the opening and closing of polling stations (PS), voting during the Election Day and incidents reported by observers in the second round of the new local elections held on November 21 (December 5) 2021. At the same time, we inform the audience about the results of the quick count of voting results, carried out by Promo-LEX OM in 12 polling stations in 5 settlements, where elections for the position of mayor were held[1]. A static short-term observer (STO) worked in each section.

We remind the reader that, according to the CEC Decision no. 170 of November 23, 2020, the second round of elections was to be held on December 5, in 6 settlements, including Balti municipality. However, on the morning of the Election Day, the CEC decided to suspend the holding of the second round of elections in Balti constituency due to the cancelation of the registration of an electoral contestant. Promo-LEX OM expressed its disagreement with the actions of the CEC, noting that the electoral law does not provide for the procedure of suspending the conduct of the second round of voting on the grounds indicated in the decision of the CEC[2].

The Promo-LEX Association considers that the second round of elections was to be organized under the conditions of art. 51. para. 7 of the Electoral Code, under which the PEB should have applied on the ballot paper the stamp with the mention “withdrawn” next to the candidate whose registration was canceled. Promo-LEX observers of the four mobile teams that were to observe the local elections in Balti confirmed that 60 polling stations did not open on the day of the second round of elections.

According to the observers, in the other five settlements, the voting was organized efficiently and was carried out smoothly. All 12 monitored PSs were regularly opened and closed, and the voting procedures were conducted in compliance with COVID-19 safeguards.

During the Election Day, the Promo-LEX OM identified four incidents, all in Cupcini electoral constituency. Two of them refer to a short-term power outage, which caused insignificant malfunctions in the operation of “Elections” State Automated Information System (PS 16/9, 10 Edinet, Cupcini). One incident is related to problems identified in the voters’ lists (PS 16/9 Edinet, Cupcini), and another – to the short-term acceptance of an observer (BECS), who did not present an ID card. All these incidents were promptly settled.

The closure of the observed PSs took place regularly. The counting of votes by the electoral bodies was generally quick and calm.

Traditionally, in these elections, the Promo-LEX MO carried out a parallel vote counting. All 12 protocols were obtained directly from the PEBs (Precinct Electoral Bureaus). The findings of Promo-LEX OM confirm the preliminary results announced by the Central Electoral Commission.

In the case of one protocol, the formula i = c + j could not be correctly applied. Thus, either the unused and canceled ballots or the signatures from the electoral lists were incorrectly counted.

N. Settlement Elected mayor Preliminary results of the CEC Preliminary results of Promo-LEX Difference
1. Village of Opaci, Causeni district Pinteac Roman 544 (57,02%) 544 (57,02%)
2. Commune of Hartop, Cimislia district Caraja Vitalie 399 (60,27%) 399 (60,27%)
3. Town of Cupcini, Edinet district Magu Ludmila 1162 (51,57%) 1162 (51,58%) +0,01%
4. Village of Balceana, Hancesti district Temciuc Aurelia 302 (57,30%) 302 (57,31%) +0,01%
5. Commune of Cneazevca, Leova district Tomsa Larisa 216 (53,33%) 216 (53,33%)


Promo-LEX repeatedly draws the reader’s attention to the uncertain situation with regard to the finality of the electoral process in Balti constituency.

The press release has been drafted within the Observation Mission of the Local Elections of November 21 (December 5) 2021, conducted by the Promo-LEX Association with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the “Democracy, Transparency and Accountability” Program.

The views expressed in the public reports and press releases of Promo-LEX are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders or partners. The contents of this document are subject to editorial revision.

If there are discrepancies between the text in Romanian and its translation into another language, the variant of the text in Romanian shall prevail.

For more information, please contact:

Elena Raileanu-Seremac,
Communication officer of the Promo-LEX Association
GSM: 069895515
[1] Village of Opaci (Causeni district), commune of Hartop commune (Cimișlia district), town of Cupcini (Edinet district), village of Balceana (Hancesti district), commune of Cneazevca (Leova district).

[2] OPINION of the Promo-LEX Observation Mission in the new local elections with regard to the suspension of the second round of elections on December 5, 2021 in Balti municipal constituency.


All findings and recommendations of Promo-LEX Association can be accessed here

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