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European Exchange and European Platform for Democratic Elections Express Concern Over Georgia’s Proposed “Foreign Agents” Law

(April 8, 2024)


The European Exchange and the European Platform for Democratic Elections are deeply concerned about the Georgian government’s intention to revive the “foreign agents” law. This legislation requires organizations receiving foreign funding above a certain threshold to register as “foreign agents,” a move that dangerously echoes repressive laws in Russia used to crush dissent and control civil society. We believe that the proposed law represents a substantial setback for democracy in Georgia and threatens the country’s aspirations for accession to the European Union. By targeting non-governmental organizations, including election watchdogs, and journalists with this legislation, the Georgian government risks undermining the foundation of a free and open society. We stand in solidarity with the pro-democracy groups and citizens of Georgia who are protesting this step. We urge the Georgian government to reconsider its position on this law and to reaffirm its commitment to democratic values and the European path. We urge European politicians to highlight in their negotiations with the Georgian side that such actions not only contradict Georgia’s commitments to improving conditions for civil society as part of its EU candidate status but also erode trust in its dedication to democratic principles and European integration. The introduction of such legislation is not only damaging to Georgia’s democratic development but also to its European future. For more information, contact:

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