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Fake International Observers and Experts at Russia’s Fraudulent 2024 “Presidential Election”

EPDE identified 178 fake observers invited by the Russian authorities, including many Western politicians and elected officials, to give international legitimacy to the “presidential elections.” On 15-17 March 2024, Russia held “presidential elections”, in which four people allegedly competed for the Russian presidential post, including none from the democratic opposition, which is outlawed in the country in […]

Online Expert Discussion: Is the King Naked? Presidential race in Russia – A question of legitimacy and international recognition

This year’s presidential elections in Russia will be held under conditions that may severely challenge their recognition as genuine. Nearly 5 million residents of the occupied areas of eastern Ukraine and Crimea will forcibly be added to the Russian electorate, often with no requirement of Russian citizenship. The death of Alexei Navalny and shocking sentences […]

Bogus “international observation” of the illegitimate Russian “elections” in temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories on 8-10 September 2023

On 10 September 2023, Russian authorities held the annual “single voting day” across the country as well as in Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by Russia in the period between 2014 and 2022. With the aim of providing a degree of international legitimacy to the otherwise illegitimate Russian elections in Ukrainian territories, Russian occupation forces brought […]

House searches of Russian election observers

Early on the 5th of October, police forces conducted house searches simultaneously at the central office and in private flats of several election experts of the well-known movement for free elections “Golos” in the Russian Federation. EPDE strongly condemns this act of repression, intimidation, and unlawful interference into citizens’ constitutional right to free elections.  The […]

Illegitimate Russian government waging war on Europe

  On 24 February, military attacks were launched against Ukraine by a Russian government that lacks legitimacy after being elected through unfair and undemocratic elections. This attack was ordered by Putin and his justification for the attack was approved by the State Duma, which unanimously ratified Putin’s decree recognizing the independence of Ukraine’s separatist republics. […]

No credentials for the Russian Delegation to PACE after flawed Duma elections 2021

SUMMARY Independent election experts have described the 2021 Duma elections as the dirtiest elections in Russia’s history. The lack of public control, the deprivation of ca. 9 Mio Russian citizens of the right to stand for election and the massive manipulation through application of uncontrolled e-voting have turned the Duma elections into a farce. The […]

Ongoing harassment against independent election observation

On September 29, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation added 20 election experts of the Movement for the Protection of the Voters Rights “Golos” to the “register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent”. Qualifying Golos observers as “foreign agents” at a time when every day more falsifications of […]

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