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Event – Transparency of campaign financing in Poland

(January 27, 2022)



EPDE member the Political Accountability Foundation would like to invite you to the fourth of the series of seminars “Election Issues in Theoretical and Practical Approach” which will be devoted to transparency of electoral campaign financing in Poland!
The seminar will be held on February 4th (Friday) from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on the Zoom platform and will be streamed live on Facebook.

The speeches will be given by:

– Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć – member of the board of the association Civic Network Watchdog Poland
– Michał Bernaczyk, Ph.D., Professor of the University of Warsaw
– Dr. Tomasz Brzezicki – UMK, Electoral Commissioner in Toruń II
– Dr Tomasz Gąsior – CPSW, expert in the State Election Commission, external expert. FOP
– Dr. hab. Małgorzata Molenda-Zdziech, Prof. of Warsaw School of Economics
– Dr. Rafał Tkacz – Director of the Opole Branch of the National Election Committee

We invite you to participate in the seminar, we count on your voices in the discussion!

The seminar is organized by:
– Political Accountability Foundation,
– Institute of International Studies of the Economic and Social College of Warsaw School of Economics, – Institute of Law and Administration of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie University in Bydgoszcz
– Center for Electoral Studies, Faculty of Law and Administration, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.


The seminar “Transparency of campaign financing in Poland” is held in the framework of the international project “European voters – together for electoral integrity“ funded by the European Union and implemented by the following partners:
– European Exchange (Germany)
– Expert Forum (Romania)
– Political Accountability Foundation (Poland)
– International Elections Study Centre (Lithuania)
– Memo 98 (Slovakia)
– Swedish International Liberal Centre (Sweden)
– Unhack Democracy (Hungary).

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