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Promo-LEX: E-Day 2nd Round Report

(November 14, 2019)



Opening and closing of polling stations (PSs). All polling stations monitored by the short-term observers of the Promo-LEX OM opened regularly, without any essential deviations from the applicable legal provisions. About 60 % of the PSs have been rated by observers as accessible. Only 58% of the PSs have been ensured with heating on the election day. All the polling stations closed regularly, without significant deviations. About 27% of the PEBs continued to ignore the rule that stipulates that one member of the bureau is to display the ballots to all the participants in the counting process.

Incidents found on the election day. The final processing of the information reported by the STOs delegated to the PSs and the LTOs working in mobile teams resulted in the analysis of 158 incidents.

The Promo-LEX OM draws the reader’s attention to at least two cases of intimidation/obstruction of observers’ activity. In quantitative terms, the most frequently reported incidents were: unjustified presence of unauthorized persons within 100 m. of the PS as well as in the PS (25); presence of advertising materials, posters, electoral displays within 100 m. of the PS (21); and difficulties for the operation of the SIAS Elections system (20).

The Promo-LEX OM also warns about incidents related to: organized transportation of voters (13) and rumors, attempts or even cases of material or monetary rewards offered to voters (8).

Final results of the Promo-LEX OM vote counting. The Promo-LEX OM analyzed the correctness of completing 307 vote counting protocols in mayoral elections in the 307 PSs observed in Chisinau municipality. The OM identified 6 protocols filled out with 14 errors identified based on verification formulas.

The results of parallel vote counting for the post of general mayor of Chisinau municipality confirmed the percentage offered by the CEC.

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