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Preliminary findings – early parliamentary elections

(July 12, 2021)


Sunday’s early parliamentary elections were generally organized efficiently, stated the domestic citizen observer mission from Promo-LEX in its preliminary report. By 10.30 p.m. on election day, Promo-LEX received 538 reports from STOs, 459 of which were qualified as incidents by the analytical team. The number of incidents on the day of the parliamentary elections decreased insignificantly compared to the presidential election of autumn 2020, (Round I by (-22) and Round II by (-40) incidents).

The voting process in the observed polling stations was in general efficiently organized. However, video-taping of electoral procedures did not function continuously throughout election day, and the State Automated Information System – Elections ‘SAIS’, Moldova’s automated election management system regulating voter lists and other election-related documentation, sporadically malfunctioned. Observers also reported particular cases of electioneering.

Unconfirmed reported incidents of voter bribery and organized transportation of voters were observed particularly in connection with the electoral process in the Transnistrian region. The secrecy of the vote was affected by high incidents of photos being taken of stamped ballot papers. The observation mission reported isolated incidents of intimidation of Promo-LEX observers by election officials. The vote counting was generally done quickly and calmly.

The results of the quick vote counting for these elections, carried out by Promo-LEX based on protocols collected from 600 polling stations, confirm the preliminary results established by the Central Election Commission, falling within the +-1.6% margin of error of the sample.

The press conference by Promo-LEX on its observation findings can be watched with English interpretation below


A preliminary report is available here

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