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New Policy Paper: Enhancing the integrity of the 2024 European Parliament elections

(August 28, 2023)


Brussels, 28 August 2023: Election-Watch.EU (EW), together with the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), Democracy Reporting International (DRI), and the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) published a Policy Paper to the upcoming European Parliament elections in June 2024. The findings and recommendations are outlined in four chapters: 1) Equality and Inclusion, 2) Transparency, 3) Accountability, and 4) Risks and Opportunities.

Four thematic webinars under the Supporting Engagement in European Elections and Democratic Societies (SEEEDS) project had European policy makers and experts discuss key topics of the 2024 European elections. The SEEEDS project aims at: raising awareness about the European elections, fight disinformation, and bridging the gap between active European citizens and EU decision makers; developing practical recommendations at European level; encouraging citizen participation, in particular of women, youth, voters with disabilities, and mobile European citizens. The 4 SEEEDS webinars can be watched online: Webinar 1 on “Equality and Inclusion”, Webinar 2 on “Transparency”, Webinar 3 on “Accountability”, and Webinar 4 on “Risks and Opportunities”.


This policy paper aims to contribute to the integrity of the 2024 European Parliament (EP) elections by:

  • Highlighting risks and opportunities in the political campaign and electoral processes
    including mal-intended interference, disinformation, and challenges of shrinking civic space;
  • Pointing out where to enhance equality, inclusion, transparency, and accountability;
  • Providing recommendations for improving integrity and security.

This policy paper recommends European Union (EU) and EU Member States (MS) to:

  • Encourage MS to engage in comprehensive European electoral reforms;
  • Strengthen free media and protect journalists against threats and intimidation;
  • Protect civic space and strengthen civil society engagement in elections;
  • Enhance the inclusion of youth, women, persons with disabilities and mobile EU citizens;
  • Strengthen oversight bodies for a consistent application of political advertising and finance rules;
  • Improve the fight against disinformation and awareness of the sources of information;
  • Stimulate policy debates and democratic participation among European citizens;
  • Strengthen the impression of the EU as promoter and role model of democratic elections.

The policy paper is also available in Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Latvian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak language versions. You can download them on


The project “Supporting Engagement in European Elections and Democratic Societies” (SEEEDS) is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by the following organisations:

The policy paper can be downloaded here:

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